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"Irelands Mild South" 

6 days, 5 nights, roundtour

Total distance is about 1400km with 180-300km riding per day.

Individual arrival via Dublin, transfer to our tourbase where you receive your rental motorcycle and start your tour. 

This tour is available any time from April to end of October.


Many have heard about the scenic Ring of Kerry or the famous Cliffs of Moher. However, there are many more attractions out there, waiting for the motorbiker to be discovered and enjoyed. Not all of them are as well known as the above mentioned - but all of them are amazing! 

Visit the incredibly beautiful coastlines of Kerry and cruise the narrow windy roads of the Kerry Mountains and the lovely Killarney National Park. Admire  medieval castles and abbeys on the way and rest in pretty towns with cosy hotels and pubs. Be amazed by prehistoric sites and inhale the brise of the atlantic sea while stading ontop of impressive cliffs. Admire the moon-like rocky Burren and have fun in Galways vibrant City. But be warned - Irelands South can be addictive! 

The irish South is typically warmer than the North and therefore a good recommendation for your selfguided tour in spring or autumn, too. 

Highlights of this tour: 

  • The beautiful town of Kilkenny with it's impressive castle and beautiful city
  • The stunning castles of Cahir and Blarney
  • The beautiful hills of Cork
  • The wildly romantic coasts and mountains of Kerry
  • The lively and pretty town of Killarney and the amazing Killarney National Park
  • The spectacular Cliffs of Moher
  • The vast and moon-like landscapes of the Burren
  • Many prehistoric sites 
  • And many lovely curvy roads....!

Rental Motorcycles:

All our bikes come with fully comprehensive insurance. Hard panniers and topbox (BMW ADV bikes) or soft sidebags and  rear bag (cruisers) are included, as well as a Tomtom Rider sat nav device, a first-aid-kit, a tyre puncture repair kit and helmet locks. Photos and more information on the bikes can be found on the page: "Motorcycle Rental".


Prices Semiorganized Selfguided Tour: 

This tour format is for all who prefer to chose their overnight stays by themselves, but still like to follow a well prepared and proven route. The entire tour will be preprogrammed to your GPS Sat Nav and you will have a detailled tour description (roadbook) to guide you through the day. You simply book the accomodation to the days destination by yourself (with www.booking.com or other hotel booking platforms).  

Prices in Euro per driver per tour (including passenger)

Rental motorcycle, route on GPS and tour description

Kategorie A

BMW F750GS (77hp)

1050 €

Kategorie B:

Indian Scout Sixty (77hp)

BMW F800GS (86hp)

910 €

Kategorie C:

BMW F700GS (75hp)

BMW F700GS (48hp)

770 €

Prices include all taxes. Security deposit for rental motorcycles: 500€ per bike.

Included in the Price: Rental motorcycle with included equipment as described, fully comprehensive insurance. Secured Payment Certificate. The tour is preprogrammed to your bikes GPS and you will have a detailed tour description.  

Not included in the price: Tourguide, flights, fuel, accomodation, meals, drinks and other expenses.

Prices Organized Selfguided Tour:

The GPS of your rental motorcycle will have the entire tour preprogrammed, you will receive a description of the tour and we will book all accomodations for you. All you need to do is follow the GPS and enjoy your selfguided tour! 

Prices in Euro per person per tour

Two persons on one rental motorcycle

 sharing one doubleroom

Two persons on two rental motorcycles

 sharing one doubleroom 

One person on one rental motorcycle in one room 

(single or double)

Category A

BMW F750GS (77hp)

MS: 1210 €

OS: 1110 €

MS: 1570 €

OS: 1470 €

MS: 1920 €

OS: 1820 €

Category B:

Indian Scout Sixty (77hp)

BMW F800GS (86hp)

MS: 1150 €

OS: 1050 €

MS: 1450 €

OS: 1350 €

MS: 1800 €

OS: 1700 €

Category C:

BMW F700GS (75hp)

BMW F700GS (48hp)

MS: 1105 €

OS: 1005 €

MS: 1360 €

OS: 1260 €

MS: 1710 €

OS: 1610 €

Main Season (MS): May, June, July, August. Other Season (OS): All other months.

Prices include all taxes. Security deposit for rental motorcycles: 500€ per bike.

Included in the Price: All overnight stays with breakfast in good mid-class B&Bs, Guestouses or Hotels. We choose typical accomodations with cosy local flair and try to avoid very big hotels and loud city-locations. Rental motorbike with included equipment as described. Fully comprehensive insurance. Secured Payment Certificate. The touris entirely preprogrammed on the GPS and you will also receive a detailed desciption.

Not included in the price: Flights, fuel, further meals, drinks and other expenses, tourguide. 


Secured Payment Certificate: All your payments are secured by the german R+V insurance Company against failure from easycruiser.tours. Should easycruiser.tours not be able to fulfill the tour contract for whatever reason, you will receive your payments back - guaranteed. However: this does not cover the guests side of the contract: Should you not be able to attend to the tour (e.g. sickness), you still have to pay the tour price according to the cancellation policy as outlined in the general terms and conditions. If you want your risk to be insured, you should get a separate travel insurance from your insurance Company.

Motorcycle Insurance: All rental motorcycles come with a fully comprehensive insurance to cover the driver in case of accident, fire, damage or loss of the vehicle. First pament is covered by the respective security deposit. 

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